Because I have so much to say!

That was supposed to be more of a joke, but really that’s the biggest reason.  I find more and more I think a lot about this game and have things to say, and don’t really have a platform on which to say them.

Furthermore, I find I have questions about things and I’m not able to easily find an answer to them.  Perhaps I just haven’t found the right people but there seems to be less of a warlock community than some other classes.  I felt like I had things to say about my class that I wasn’t reading elsewhere.  Being able to contribute substance was a huge decision maker for me.

I felt like I was at a place to do it.  I registered this blog in WotLK, but it didn’t feel like the right time.  I got started a little late in Cataclysm so I’m somewhat behind the curve, but things are still developing in such a way that I didn’t feel I had totally missed the boat.

So that’s why I started a blog, now for your comments, why are you reading my blog?