This is probably going to be the shortest post of my 20 day challenge only because I have so little to say about my desk.

It’s a tiny little mostly black desk from an age long past.  It has a keyboard tray, but honestly who uses those?  It holds my cellphone.  My “too-small” monitor sits atop a ledge at the back of the desk elevating it to eye level, next to my “devours-too-much-ink” printer.  All of this wired to my $300 Dell PC that still plays this game, and no I don’t know how.  Standard USB mouse and standard USB keyboard completes the look.

As far as the surroundings to that? Well not much else.  The standard computer type paraphernalia (cds, dvds, printer paper, etc).  A humidor, and an occasional empty crafted beer bottle from last nights gaming session, and that’s about it.

Is your setup more remarkable than my dullnes?