Really the blog name is pretty straightforward.  I’m a warlock, and this a warlock blog, and we bring the pain with our DoTs.  Other than that I wanted it to be kinda catchy, but I settled for tongue-twisting.  I had other ideas for the blog name, but nothing that really worked for me.

Naming things has never been my strong point, even my characters in game.  Take for instance my main: Thisius.  I got this name from the Greek mythological figure Theseus, mostly because I thought the story was kinda neat.  Then I moved some characters around until it was a usable character name.

Now all my characters start with “This” as a starting point.  To get a full name, I go to the wowpedia article for the race and look at the notable lore figures for the race I’m creating and find some part of some name that works well.

I have a Gnome DK names Thiserbag that I stole from Erbag the Gnome

I have a Draenei Shaman Names Thisundo which is a play on Nobundo

All very unoriginal, but it works for me.