This one is going to be hard.  Here’s 10 things you don’t already know about me in no particular order

  1. I live in Massachusetts, and desperately wished I didn’t
  2. I have, what some would describe, as an addiction to addons
  3. I compulsively worry about optimization and if I’m making the best gear choices
  4. I am a self-ascribed coffee, tea, and beer nut/aficionado
  5. This is only the second MMO I ever played, the first being Matrix Online
  6. I could be possibly the worst tank in existence, I’ve tried, it wasn’t pretty
  7. I secretly have no idea what I’m doing in any of this and hope you haven’t caught on yet.
  8. I love to read and wish I could read more than I already do.  No I don’t mean blog reading, I mean like actual real books.
  9. I have an 80 pound basset hound who can be a massive PITA, but he’s just too adorable and awesome
  10. I have a strong desire to listen to blues and jazz even though I know nothing about the genres and have no music with which to sate that desire.

Alright, it was tough, and most of them are really random, but trust me you’ll learn more about me reading these blog posts if you can stand it!