My first post that wasn’t an introductory post was “Gearing up in Cataclysm” and was largely the reason I actually went ahead with the blog post.

I had a problem at the time.  You read through posts and fight people telling you what gear is best for you, but I didn’t have a concise way to make the choices I wanted to make prior to getting that absolute best gear.

I had 3 goals while I was questing and until I got to a raiding level.  The first goal was to always be wearing the best gear I could be wearing given the opportunities I had.  This meant knowing if gear was any good for me before I got it.

Next goal was to understand where my next piece of gear would come from.  I wanted to always be able to create an accurate picture of what I needed to be doing to get the next upgrade.

Third, I wanted to be able to do the majority of this out of game, and preferably while I was away from my gaming PC.

So I had all these goals, and I came up with a strategy about how to accomplish these goals.  I struggle with planning things and not writing them down.  I knew I had to write about it to make sure I got all the details right, and I knew that if I struggled with it other people might too.  So I made the blog and posted it and that’s how I got started.