Outside of Azeroth I’m a software engineer, and there’s been a movement in software engineering for the past decade or so embracing so-called “Agile” methods.  The basic premise is this, don’t wait for requirements to stop changing because they’re always going to change.  Accept that fact that change is constant and work in such a way that it impacts you as little as possible.

As I’m really struggling to min-max my character this expansion, I took an idea from my post on Pre-Heroic Trinket Comparison and expanded it.

In reality every time you equip a piece of gear, your needs for stats changes.  Your need for hit or haste could go down, maybe you could even stand to gain some crit.  The fact is that each of these needs changes everytime some of your gear changes.  So using stagnate stat weights is really an inefficient way of min-maxxing your character.

Here’s my solution.  Again, we’ll be using Simulationcraft for this one.  I have a separate Simulationcraft configuration file for each slot on my character.  In that configuration file I pull my character from the armory, then have simulationcraft run simulations of my current armory profile swapping in pieces of gear.  I have each piece of regular 5-man gear, 5-man heroic gear, reputation gear, crafted gear, and justice point gear.

The toughest part was trying to figure out how to compare trinkets and rings.  What I decided to do was to run a simulation of myself as is, then unequip one piece and save that profile, then unequip the other piece and run that profile.  These will show up as trinket1, trinket2, ring1, or ring2 in the saved results, so I can figure out which is better than which piece.

When I first ran it I was shocked by the results as pieces I wasn’t really valuing before were rising to the top.  I know I’m ridiculously low on hit rating, and that certainly could be what’s to blame here.  I feel like I’m low on haste as well, and I would do anything to get some more.

Ideally I would run this automatically every night and then investigate the results the next day before I log into game.  Now if I could just get anything to drop in a heroic I could use.  It’s getting to the point I’m going to roll on Agility neck pieces just to roll on something in a heroic.