Right now I’m still gearing so that’s going to affect things.  Also, I’m a guild leader so that will change things up a little bit as well.

Before I’m in game, I login to my guild’s forums to check on what’s going on there and if there’s anything I should respond to.

Generally speaking from the moment I login to the moment I log off I’m getting whispers.  Usually from guildies just chatting around.  It’s funny but it’s worth mentioning because PSTs are what takes up the largest part of my time online.

If any guild maintenance work needs to be done I generally try to do that first or else I forget.  I typically have this on my mind from my trip to the guild forums anyway.

I generally get started on any quests or dailies I have to do right away.  Typically speaking I only focus on one faction’s dailies at a time.  As a person with a family and job, I have limited time.  Once these are complete, if I have time I try to run a random with some guildies.  If I’m not raiding this is largely what I do all night long.  If I’m raiding I spent a few minutes to make sure I’m repaired and have all my consumables.

If I’m raiding I start the raid invites 15 minutes out.  Then the raid takes up the large portion of my time online.

After raid time, I’m generally not on long.  If I have the energy I’ll get some other dailies done, or do some profession work.

After logging off, I upload the log from the raid that night.  I post anything I need to post to the guild forums.  I write any e-mails I think I should write to my officers.  Then it’s off to bed.