The first thing that upsets me is a person with a total lack of desire to learn.  Learning new things, and I mean this outside the context of WoW too, is the most exciting thing in the world for me.  While being set in your ways is hardly a massive transgression, especially when it comes to menial things like a video game, it’s so opposite of  the way my brain works it drives me nuts.

Secondly I get bothered when people take things in WoW too seriously.  I really use the game as an escape and a fun diverson.  Perhaps to some it can be an insight into a cross-section of the digitized world and the issues matter, but to me, most of the “issues” that happen in this game are either no big deal, or interesting puzzles.

The typical PuG aggravates the hell out of me.  I mean that in the most stereotypical way possible.  If you’re the guy that every other blogger spent the last year blogging about since LFD came about, I just plain don’t want to run with you.  When I tried my tank out this came to a real head, and I don’t want to play a tank ever again.

That’s generally the worst offenses for things that upset me.  What about you?  What upsets you the most?