I really miss feeling overpowered.  At the end of WotLK I felt like I was on top of the world, and somewhere in Vashj’ir I felt very very squishy!  That was not fun.

I miss walking in Stormwind.  I use to know it like the back of my hand.  I use to be able to get around.  Now I feel compelled to fly, and when I do I feel disoriented.  I feel stupid when I catch myself walking, when I really shouldn’t.

I miss how connected Northrend was.  Now with Uldum on the Kalimdor server, Vash barely a part of Eastern Kingdoms, Twilight Highlands being way up to the north, Deepholm being on a whole other plane only accesible from the middle of the ocean, moving from zone to zone isn’t really possible, and I liked that about WotLK.  Flying from Dal to ICC was a nice trip.

I miss the slow pace.  At the end of WotLK I had my professions maxed, all my reputations were exalted, my gear was nice and tidy, and all I had to do was some dailies for a little cash flow and consumables.  Now I’m running around like a mad man trying to get to the things I need to get done without any time to do them.  Although, that’s a more fun problem to have than the rest.