Unfortunately for this 20 day challenge, this one is going to be boring.  I am not a gear collector.  I generally keep my best gear equppied and my top iLvl gear banked just in case and get rid of all else.  The transformation gadgets that change you into a pirate or skeleton or ninja are not in my repertoire.

I will say this.  My tier 10 gear was a trip because it was my first full set, and my end of WotLK gear was great because it was the first gear I had equipped with the “Heroic” tag attached.

One more thing, can someone explain to me why everyone is so in love with the spiky warlock battleground PvP shoulders?  Admittedly they looked pretty awesome, but  that sort of went out the window when every single picture of any warlock outside of the game had them on.

Also as far as hated gear goes, curse the Hat of Wintry Doom, I wore it way too long in the last expansion.