First and foremost I would hand over my guild and say goodbye to all my guildies, that would take up a large portion of my time.

Next I’d fly up to the Ironforge Airport.  I never got the chance to make the trek before although I flew over it enough times to really really want to.

I’d kill that stupid drake you fly over when you fly from Ironforge to Stormwind in _TK_.  For the longest time his level was “??” to me, and I always vowed to go over there and kill him.  I’m sure he lasted through the Cataclysm, and I would find him and kill him.

I’d want one last shot at Arthas since that has been the pinnacle of my raiding experience thus far and it would be great to relive it.

I’d talk in Trade chat, it’s largely a waste of time so we all avoid it, but it would be fun to fee the trolls that have in large part defined such a big piece of the WoW experience like it or not.

I’d give PvP one more shot, and organize a For The Alliance achievement run.

I wouldn’t log off.  I’d sit down in the Deeprun Tram and wait for the game to auto log me off.