My favorite external tool by far has to be SimulationCraft.  There are so many facets to it and it’s incredibly powerful.  It can be daunting to people who have never used it before so I’m going to be starting a series getting people into the tool and transforming you into a real power user.

Trust me knowing SimulationCraft will not only improve your knowledge of your character, this game, and your gear, but it will be helpful to reading this blog!

Here’s a basic outline of this series and what to expect

  1. Get simulationcraft up and running with your character data.
  2. Understanding SimulationCraft’s available options.
  3. Understanding a parsing the output of a SimulationCraft run.
  4. Using CharDev to compare gearing choices
  5. Running SimulationCraft for a batch of configurations
  6. Advanced SimulationCraft applications

I don’t think I’ll run this series every post for the next few weeks, but expect me to trickle these out as I can.  Anything you’ve ever had a question on and want me to cover?  Let me know in the comments.