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Fast and Friday – 4.2 Edition

No, I’m not going to see the movie, I can’t actually believe they’re actually making it.

It’s 70 degrees outside, and I’m at work, so how about a quick post for Friday.
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First thing you need is to download it.

Go here: and download the Windows or Mac version.  Once you have it downloaded unzip the file and congratulations you just installed SimulationCraft.

Let’s take a look inside.  The majority of these files aren’t important to you, especially at this point in the process.  I have the windows version, so Mac users this might be a little different for you.
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Patch 4.1 Warlock Gear (PvE)

Might as well add my list of Warlock Gear found in Patch 4.1

There are items that are listed as new in 4.1 that I can’t track down a drop location for. If you know where you can get these items, leave a comment!

  • Trinket – Mark of the Firelord
  • Trinket – Necromantic Focus
  • Trinket – Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor

The Robes of Dissention are listed as being a reward from a daily quest named Warlock of the Amani, but the only information I found on that is that it was a daily from the raid version of Zul’Aman, and if you had the quest from the raid still in your log and completed it in the heroic, you could pick this as a quest reward. (*See updates below)

The wrist and dagger might be trash drops, but I’m not sure. (*See updates below)

The trinkets all have normal and heroic version and their respective iLevels are 372 and 391 making me think they are for patch 4.2 and they’re just in this patch for some who knows reason.

Update: Thanks to the commenters below for verifying the source of the robes of dissention.

Update: Wowhead updated the drop location for the Voodoo Hexblade so I moved it up into the “known” items.

Update: Wristwraps of Madness were updated in wowhead as well so I updated them here.

In his latest Dev Watercooler blog post Ghostcrawler talks about how many abilities are optimal for a class to have.
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Following up the Zul’Aman post with more speculative boss strategies, this time for Zul’Gurub.

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So I’m a boss strategy kind of guy. I’m not great at it, but I like to do it. My group is probably going to want me to explain the fights, which I don’t know because I wasn’t on the PTR. This post is my attempt to explain them, with little to no knowledge.
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Patch 4.1 Warlock Goodness

I’ve been writing a lot of general WoW posts recently, so I feel the need to write a warlock specific post. The patch is hitting tomorrow so let’s talk about the warlock changes!

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This post was inspired by and if you haven’t read that post go read it, some really great stuff in there.

I struggle as a raid leader to evaluate healing talent. It’s always been a weakness, but it wasn’t as much as a problem in Wrath. Our progression is typical slow to begin with and most of the time I feel like we struggle and as a raid leader I am not doing enough to help people out and get the raid moving. This got me thinking…
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Is This Writer’s Block?

I don’t struggle for topics to write about, I do however struggle with whether or not people would care about it enough to read it. I’ve gone through probably 5 or 6 new topics in the past couple weeks and this doesn’t count my “drafts” and can’t convince myself that anyone would want to read it.

Since I have successful blog writers who read this I figured I would write up a topic about this struggle and get your input.

Do you write something and immediately delete it after?

How do you convince yourself people want to read what you write?

Do you worry about it, or just figure that you’re writing mostly for you and whether people care or not is irrelevant?

Ok, questions aside, upcoming posts include things from simulationcraft, wow difficulty, and how freaking exciting I am to play a warlock now that patch 4.1 is on the horizon.

*Pushes publish before just outright deleting this post*

LFD Call To Arms: My Solution

First I swear this is going to be my last post on this issue.  At least for today.  Since everyone was giving there take on what we think should be done to improve/instead of the call to arms solution I figure I would expand on mine in an actual post.

On a sidenote, I thought this post on the solution was awesome

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