I don’t struggle for topics to write about, I do however struggle with whether or not people would care about it enough to read it. I’ve gone through probably 5 or 6 new topics in the past couple weeks and this doesn’t count my “drafts” and can’t convince myself that anyone would want to read it.

Since I have successful blog writers who read this I figured I would write up a topic about this struggle and get your input.

Do you write something and immediately delete it after?

How do you convince yourself people want to read what you write?

Do you worry about it, or just figure that you’re writing mostly for you and whether people care or not is irrelevant?

Ok, questions aside, upcoming posts include things from simulationcraft, wow difficulty, and how freaking exciting I am to play a warlock now that patch 4.1 is on the horizon.

*Pushes publish before just outright deleting this post*