This post was inspired by and if you haven’t read that post go read it, some really great stuff in there.

I struggle as a raid leader to evaluate healing talent. It’s always been a weakness, but it wasn’t as much as a problem in Wrath. Our progression is typical slow to begin with and most of the time I feel like we struggle and as a raid leader I am not doing enough to help people out and get the raid moving. This got me thinking…

What Vixsin does throughout the analysis of the combat logs is pick certain metrics to track and tracks those particular values throughout the log. The idea being that with some things we know the answer to (i.e. earth shield uptime should be 100% ideally.) and some things we don’t but we can track the effect they are having as the value changes (i.e. multi-target, single target, or HoTs healing totals). Once we have the numbers we can start to draw correlations between the numbers and the results we are having.

This got me thinking about doing this for progression, and tracking all sorts of metrics in a fight and publishing those metrics for raiders to look at. Most of my raiders wouldn’t look at a combat log parse if I made it mandatory, but almost all of them would look at a single metric number I pull out for them and post on the forums.

For example I would want to track these type of metrics for the Magmaw encounter

  • Tank damage taken, white hits, magmaw spit, lava spew, mangle, any parasites (this better be zero!) and massive crash all separated out
  • Healer HPS, overall and by target
  • Healer overheal, by target
  • DPS damage taken by magmaw spit, lava spew, parasites, pillar of flame, and massive crash
  • DPS damage done to Magmaw, the head, and the parasites
  • DPS target switch time from Pillar of Flame cast to first parasite damage
  • WTF damage – things like healers getting Mangled, or stuff that isn’t supposed to happen but does and not sure why.

Here’s what I’m hoping this does for my raiders. I’m hoping a tank can look at and watch their numbers as the weeks go by and get a feel for how they are dealing with the damage they are taking. Did your reforge to parry make any noticeable difference in your white damage taken? Now you can easily tell. Healers will be able to see who is needing a lot of healing, take a look at their damage taken and figure out why. They’ll see who they are overhealing the most so they can adjust and not have to heal that person as much as they think they do. DPS will be able to see who is leading the pack on damage. They’ll also be able to see who takes the longest to get a hit in on the parasites, or how much damage they are doing to the parasites.

All of this sounds like a lot of number crunching and it might be, but I have ideas about how to automate a good amount of the process. If I can actually execute on this, what do you think? Good idea? Would it motivate people?