So I’m a boss strategy kind of guy. I’m not great at it, but I like to do it. My group is probably going to want me to explain the fights, which I don’t know because I wasn’t on the PTR. This post is my attempt to explain them, with little to no knowledge.

Wowpedia article
Two phase encounter, first phase is the “Troll Phase” where he is in troll form, and second phase is “Bear Phase” where he’s in bear form. See how that works?

Troll phase abilities:

  • Brutal Strike
  • Surge

Brutal strike hits for 78k to 82k physical damage and completely ignores armor. It’s a 1 second cast, so doubtful you’ll be able to interrupt it even if it is interrupt-able. No idea how often this is cast, but it seems like we might just have to heal through it.
Surge is where he randomly targets the furthest player from him and hits for 34k to 36k. Damage taken by that player is increased by 500% for 20 seconds. Obviously this can’t hit your tank so you need people at range (no stacking on tank). I’d say I don’t want it to hit the healer, just because I don’t like the healer taking damage when they need to be casting, especially with the amount of damage this phase. Ideally it should be your DPSer with the highest armor, but the armor won’t help all that much, they’re not the tank after all. No clue if it’s avoidable, but given the relatively low damage amount taken I’m doubting it.
Good luck healers.

Bear Phase Abilities:

  • Lacerating Slash
  • Deafening Roar

Lacerating slash is a DoT put on the tank for 126k physcial spread over 24 seconds. This actually seems pretty easily healed through depending on how much he hits for during the phase.
Deafening Roar is a 2 second silence. It only says “large radius” so I’m going to assume you be out of range of it, and it will hit your whole party. If the healer keeps the tank’s health pretty high in this phase I doubt it will be a real problem.

All in all this looks like a tank and spank with some fairly decent healing requirements. DPS kill the boss before your healer runs out of mana. One question I have is the phase transitions. Does he transition multiple times in the encounter or is it a one time swap over? If he goes from bear back to troll, that Lacerating Slash stacking with Brutal Strike could be pretty dicey. In the original form of the encounter he apparently did swap back and forth, so tanks be ready to possibly blow a CD if you have Lacerating Slash on you and he swaps back to Troll Form

Wowpedia Link
One phase encounter with an add


  • Call Lightning
  • Static Disruption

Call lightning does 28.5k to 31.5k nature damage to the tank. If it can be interrupted then do it, it’s not a crazy amount of damage, but be nice to your healers!
Static Disruption actually takes two forms. Theres a 35k nature damage AoE with a 12 yard radius that also puts a 25% increased Nature damage taken debuff on anyone hit with it for 12 seconds. If this is predictable, melee run out
The second form of static disruption is randomly cast. It does 16k damage to any players who aren’t near the target. This means that you have to collapse on that player immediately. To make this easier I’d pick a standard meeting point (where the tank is standing) and have the affected player run to that spot as well as everyone else.
If this ability doesn’t move with the affected player but rather stays in place then the whole party is going to have to reposition to the player.
The add is called the Amani Kidnapper and it takes the form of an eagle that comes down and strangles a random target to death. Kill this add as soon as it comes up.

Wowpedia Link

One phase encounter with two adds


  • Flame Breath
  • Fire Bomb
  • Summon Amani’shi Hatcher

Flame Breath does 15k frontal cone first damage and leaves fire on the ground that ticks for 29k to 31k every second for 5 seconds. Tanks should be the only person standing in front, and should alternate between positions to avoid fire trail damage. I’d suggest a 90 degree turn for the tank so the melee doesn’t have to move too much.
Fire Bomb puts bombs all over the floor that explode and kill you. Don’t be standing near them when they go off.
Summon Amani’shi Hatcher brings the adds into the encounter obviously. These hatchers go around and start hatching the eggs at the edge of the arena. These should be killed immediately, not to dissimilar from the Grim Batol encounter. If any eggs hatch they deal 23k to 27k fire damage as well as increases fire damage taken, so they need to be killed as well.
Dealing with the adds is going to be key, I’m going to recommend for my group attempting to focus fire one then the other. In Grim Batol we actually use the tank to help with the adds, but given the boss leaving the trail of fire, I doubt that would be a good idea. I’m also going to attempt to root one if we can. Anyone have any pointers here?
I did read somewhere that we should only kill one of the two adds here. Any idea s to why?

Wowpedia Link

Two phase encounter. First phase is the “Lynx Phase”, and the second is the “Troll Phase”. Guess what his form is in both phases?

Lynx Phase Abilities:

  • Frenzy
  • Water Totem
  • Refreshing Stream

Frenzy increases his attack speed by 60% for 6 seconds. Not too long, and I doubt it’s dispellable, but I’m still going to try. If it isn’t healers beware for 6 seconds your tank’s health is going to look like a fishing bob.
Water Totem actually casts Refreshing Stream and the totem lasts 1 minute. This totem says it returns mana to nearby units, so I wonder if thats everyone or only friendly units (which in this case would mean him alone). Interesting technique, but with it restoring 5% of the bosses health every 2 seconds I’m still going to kill it as fast as possible.

Troll Phase Abilities
The wowpedia article didn’t link any, and the wowhead page only listed his previous raid form abilities. In the old raid he aparently did damage upon transformation and then summoned three different kinds of totems: lightning, flame, and earth. Lightning did a chain lightning, flame did direct fire damage and left a dot, and earth interrupted and silenced casters. If this returns I would suggest killing all the totems as fast as possible.

Hex Lord Malacrass
Wowpedia Link

This one is a tough one. I’m reading there are adds just like in the old encounter that need to be killed and he kept his signature ability from the raid where he Soul Drains a party member and gains there abilities for himself.

If thats the case, be very careful of him after a soul drain. Interrupt any casted heals. Dispel any HoTs. Get out of any massive damage abilities, especially AoEs, but which ones are going to be the worst is still up in the air to me.

Wowpedia Link

Wowpedia tells me this boss encounter is exactly like the old Zul’jin encounter, with a couple differences. The phase shifts occur at 80% and 40% and are randomly selected from the four forms available.

Troll Form Abilities:

  • Whirlwind
  • Grievous Throw

Whirlwind is obvious, run out of it melee. Tanks will probably try to just soak it if it’s as short as the old version.
When someone is hit with Grievous Throw healers have to heal them to full health as fast as possible to dispell it. Is it just me or are mechanics like this just mean with the new health pools and the “triage” mindset they wanted?

Bear Form:

  • Creeping Paralysis
  • Nearly Overpowered Blow

Creeping Paralysis debuffs the party and gives you a short period of time to debuff people before they become paralyzed. The paralysis should be dispellable too, so healers dispell yourselves first, then the tank next, then DPS at will.
Nearly Overpowered Blow is used randomly after one of his attacks is dodged that just hits the tank for harder. Hey Druid tanks, this one’s for you.

Eagle Form Abilities:

  • Energy Storm
  • Summon Cyclone

Energy storm looks like a randomly target debuff that inflicts damage every time you use an ability that costs mana. Think unchained magic.
Summon Cyclone brings in the cyclones. Avoid these.

Lynx Form Abilities:

  • Claw Rage
  • Lynx Rush

Claw Rage is used on a random party member and rips that party member to shreds. This has to be healed frantically through. In the old encounter if you used a threat drop like feign death he would refocus on the tank so I would suggest that if you can still do that.
Lynx Rush is similar to Claw Rage but instead of all the attacks being focused on one party member he randomly rushes around doing damage to everyone. With all the ground based AoE heals it might be worthwhile to stack on this form.

Dragonhawk Form Abilities:

  • Flame Whirl
  • Flame Breath
  • Pillar of Fire

Flame Whirl is raid wide fire damage you’re going to have to heal through.
Flame Breath is frontal cone damage that leaves fire on the ground you have to move out of. I believe this is randomly cast so stay spread out and move quickly.
Pillar of Fire is random fire on the ground you need to move out of.

So now you all have my ill-informed strategies from never having seen the fights. Any pro-tips out there from PTR veterans?