Following up the Zul’Aman post with more speculative boss strategies, this time for Zul’Gurub.

High Priest Venoxis
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Three phase encounter


  • Venemous Maze

This is the only ability that is in all phases. During phase 1 this ability is constructing a maze with two beams. The walls of the maze are venomous clouds that do a ton of damage when they touch you or when you jump over them. Phase 2 the walls stay where they are, and phase 3 they disappear.

Phase 1 starts as soon as the encounter begins
Phase 1 abilities:

  • Toxic Link
  • Whispers of Helthiss

Toxic Link is handled in the opposite way that the link in the Blood Queen encounter was held. The two linked party members have to run away from each other! This link does damage to the two people and anyone near them. When the link breaks the two targets take one last tick of damage as well as people around them. Move smart here people.
Whispers of Helthiss does a ton of damage to a random party member and must be interrupted.

I don’t know how long Phase 1 lasts, but after a set amount of time Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2 Abilities:

  • Breath of Helthiss
  • Poison Pool

Breath of Helthiss does frontal cone damage the tank should move out of and no one else should be anywhere near. Poison Pools will randomly spawn beneath the boss and the tank should kite the boss out of them ASAP as they continue to grow.

Phase 3 Abilities

  • Bloodvenom
  • Weakened

Right at the beginning of this phase he casts Bloodvenom which creates a beam for each player and follows that player around. The idea here is to kite your beam away from any and all other players without touching the maze wall if you can avoid it. The beams not only hurt the player but they hurt surrounding players as well, so be careful to avoid getting more than one or two of these near each other. This would be a good time to click your lightwell, take your cookie, healing potion, or any other self heal you can muster. There will be damage here, and lots of it.
After the beams are done, the maze walls dissappear and he becomes Weakened taking 100% more damage. Pop your DPS cd’s here as well as Heroism. After the Weakened debuff wears away phase 1 starts again.

Bloodlord Mandokir
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  • Level Up
  • Decapitate
  • Devastating Slam
  • Bloodletting
  • Reanimate Ohgan
  • Frenzy

This is a wholly interesting encounter and I can’t wait to try it. First let’s go over his more normal abilities. When he casts Devastating Slam he leaps up into the air and a few seconds later he crushes whatever is still standing right in front of where he took off from. Everybody move. Bloodletting hits for 50% of the target’s current health pool every 2 seconds for 10 seconds, but always hits for at least 2.5k. As long as the healer keeps the person above 2.5k they will survive, but should be healed up after Bloodletting ends. Frenzy occurs at 20% and is the burn phase where you blow all your cooldowns.

Now for the interesting mechanics. It starts with Decapitate. He randomly casts this on someone in the party and when he does he charges them and instantly kills them. It’s unavoidable except through immunity like Ice Block but you probably don’t want to avoid it. Once your dead he gains “Level Up” which increases his damage dealt by 20%. This effect stacks with each subsequent death. Right after you die (don’t release) a spirit from the edge of the arena comes over and rezzes you. You come back with a 25% increase in stamina, healing output and damage output, as well as a 10% reduction in damage taken. This effect stacks as well so if you die multiple times, you can get really powerful.

After your rezzed he casts Reanimate Ohgan (except the first time when Ohgan is still alive) and Ohgan attacks the spirits waiting to help you. Kill Ohgan before he kills the spirits.

This fight looks like a ton of fun. I do worry about bad RNG from it. I’d have the group where the tank and healer never get decapitated and he keeps leveling up. Presumably the tank can be decapitated so I would imagine theres a small delay between the decapitation and when the encounter continues.

Edge of Madness
Apparently this fight requires someone in the group to have a high level of archaeology to activate. See if Blizzard can’t make it fun, they’ll make it mandatory! Anyway you get a random boss each time with different abilities. I don’t have any information on them besides that.

High Priestess Kilnara
Two phase encounter with an interesting add mechanic.

Phase 1Abilities:

  • Shadow Bolt
  • Lash of Anguish
  • Tears of Blood
  • Wave of Agony
  • Wail of Sorrow

Shadow Bolt is exactly like the warlock ability and should be interrupted. Tears of Blood is a channeled AoE spell that can be interrupted as well. Be sure if you interrupt this it doesn’t interfere with your ability to interrupt Shadow Bolt. Lash of Anguish is a direct damage followed by a DoT that you will have to heal through. You also must heal through Wail of Sorrow which will inflict party wide shadow damage. Shadow protection, obviously could be helpful on this fight. There is also Wave of Agony, and you must get behind her when she casts this or you will get knocked back and take a good amount of shadow damage.

The goal of this phase is to bring her down to 50% terminating the phase, but not before you kill her 4 panther friends. Now you can have your tank run in there with the boss, tank all the panthers and kill them all at once, which is a fast approach to it, or you can have your DPS pull one panther at a time. I’m going with option two as I doubt our ability to withstand and heal through that much damage. Be sure to kill the panthers before phase 2, or you’re going to have to fight all thats remaining together as soon as phase 2 starts.

Phase 2 Abilities

  • Cave In
  • Rage of the Ancients
  • Ravage
  • Vengeful Smash
  • Camouflage

As soon as phase 2 begins the Cave In starts with the cavern walls falling on the party and doing damage. Stay out of those. She will also gain Rage of the Ancients which is a stacking buff that stacks every 5 seconds giving you a soft enrage. Ravage is single target heavy damage hitter, and Vengeful Smash is an AoE that should be moved out of if possible. At around 15% she Camouflage’s, and then reappears a bit later on.

Single phase encounter with a randomization mechanic involving Cauldrons


  • Terrible Tonic
  • Voodoo Bolt
  • Zanzili Fire
  • Zanzil’s Graveyard Gas
  • Zanzil’s Resurrection Elixir

Terrible tonic is random damage that just has to be healed through, the Voodoo Bolt needs to be interrupted, and the Zanzili Fire is fire to avoid standing in.

Besides these simple abilities theres the Graveyard Gas and the Resurrection Elixir. There are three cauldrons around the room: Green, Red, Blue. When Zanzil uses Zanzil’s Graveyard Gas he’s going to flood the room with poision, stay alive by using the Green Cauldron and getting Toxic Torment. When Zanzil uses the Resurrection Elixir on the Berserker, a designated person needs to use the blue cauldron and stun the Berserker with Frostburn Formula while DPS quickly takes it out. If the resurrection elixir is used on the zombie adds the tank needs to use the red cauldron and and pick up all the zombies while the DPS AoE’s them down quickly.

Two phase encounter: reality and irreality.

Phase 1 Abilities:

  • Deadzone
  • Shadows of Hakkar

When he casts Deadzone it puts some stuff on the ground that helps prevent damage from Shadows of Hakkar but at the cost of reducing casting speed. When a deadzone hits the tank should drag Jindo out of it, and everyone should get ready to jump in (yes this could require repositioning yourself to be near it). When he starts casting Shadows of Hakkar, jump into the deadzone to avoid death.

Phase 2, you enter the spirit world where you need to break the three chains. Each chain is protected by a Brittle Barrier, and there’s a Gurubashi Spirit. The tank should pick up the spirit right away and begin moving towards a chain. The DPS should each pick a chain to go stand near. When the tank is close to the DPS near a chain the spirit will body slam the DPS breaking the barrier. After that the tank should immediately move to another chain. After all the barriers are broken the spirit should be killed and finally the chains killed ending the phase.

Not to make Phase 2 too simple there are Twisted Spirits that need to be DPSed down by your DPSers one by one as they enter and everyone needs to avoid the Shadow Spikes crashing down from above.

That’s my take on the encounters as I can see them. If any of you have PTR experience I welcome your input!