No, I’m not going to see the movie, I can’t actually believe they’re actually making it.

It’s 70 degrees outside, and I’m at work, so how about a quick post for Friday.

Me as a raid leader – now I have to figure out who get’s it….BOOOO

I go back and forth on this one, and I need to get it in place now well before this patch is released so my raid team knows the rule and it’s clear to them. Should it be a part of our existing loot system (EP/GP)? Make it a loot council decision? Maybe move it to the RNG gods and have it be pure luck? I have arguments for and against each one.

New raid looks great, I’m thinking there’s something about the second raid in an expansion. How many people still feel Ulduar was the peak of their WoW raiding experience so far? Outdoors, huge expansive environment, bosses look epic, that’s raiding at it’s best. They’ve dangled quite a few interesting mechanics too (i.e. the flying fire-hawk boss and flying up to him/her/it, or the spider webs for the spider boss).

I want my tier set procs right now please Blizzard. Telling us they are modeled after mob abilities in the raid was enough to excite me to near loss of consciousness. Warlocks are getting the magma spiders apparently. I’m fairly sure I’ll love whatever they do, just don’t make the proc scale with Destruction’s mastery because then we’re all switching back to Destruction that patch.

New questing zone looks awesome. I really want to try it. My only fear is the hit I’m going to take on recruiting. Recruitment is already difficult, and I target mainly players who prefer the solo game but are raid-curious. If you’ve never run a raid before because you’re too scared, that’s the player I want. As long as they can learn. We’re too casual and family friendly to keep hardcore raiders interested.

That’s all I have for now. One last quick thing, what happened to patch 4.1? To be honest I didn’t have a problem with 4.1 being what it was, but this inundation of information on 4.2 feels like a magicians slight of hand to me.