I’m ashamed to admit it, I found Ask Mr. Robot very confusing! I know you’re probably sitting there shaking your head at me, but if any of you are wondering exactly how Mr. Robot has answered your questions read below and I’ll do my best to answer your questions with what I’ve found.

First, if you haven’t been there hit up the link Ask Mr. Robot and Click on the “Pick a Character” button. Put in your character details and Mr. Robot pulls you in for the armory and begins his magic.

The far left corner will show you what class and spec it has detected for you. To the right of that it is showing you a list of your gear, and to the right of that it is displaying your gems, enchants and reforges in that order.

Before I go into those windows in more detail it’s helpful to look below real quick since they can have an effect on the windows above. First are your options. Choose from Tier 11 Heroic, non-heroic T11, Pre-Raid or even Pre-ZA/ZG to limit the gear choices you have available to you. There’s options for which types of weapons it should look at, and also check boxes to include or exclude other specific types of items. It should list your race and your two professions here. Yes you can change these to potentially evaluate a race or profession change.

To the right of that is the stat weights that it has calculated for you and how it determined it’s recommendations. You can choose to use some presets if you’d rather or you can edit them manually.

Now back above to the gear list window. If any of your gear has a red arrow next to it (just to the left of the name) than there are upgrades available for that slot within your current chosen options. You can click on the “…” button next to the slot name to get a list of what these upgrades are.

I’m going to praise Mr. Robot here because finally there’s a simple gear evaluator that recognizes that 1H+OH weapons and 2H weapons need to be compared in a special way. It does that for you very well, so *golf clap*.

Next is the best part! The gems, enchants, and reforges. Everything highlighted in a yellow box with a red border around it has been deemed sub-optimal by Mr. Robot. If you hit the “Optimize!” button above that portion of the window it will re-do all your gems, enchants, and reforges for you. The changes it makes are highlighted in a green box this time.

If you want to find out what the changes to your stats would be after the optimize click the “Show Stats” button and compare to what you see on your character now. Remember if you ever doubt Mr. Robot you can always take the suggestions, go to CharDev and put the changes in there, and run them in SimulationCraft and you should see they’re identical.