So I’m all about improving my skills, both in game and in real life. I’m constantly struggling with a lot of different things, and some are the most basic. Secretly, I’m a terrible WoW player, I’m certain of it. I think during the 4.2 testing phase I’m going to take you readers on a scary adventure. An adventure where I learn a lot more about my favorite class than I ever have before.

Wait so you’re telling me I can have numbers, math, statistics, analysis, spreadsheets, maybe some code writing, AND world of warcraft? Where do I sign up? No I’m not being sarcastic, I’m really serious. I love crunching numbers and pouring through data to draw conclusions. I’ve never really done it with WoW to any serious end, but that’s going to be my goal in 4.2

I’m going to jump on the PTR and test out as many warlock-y things as possible, and I’m going to attempt to get into the mechanics of each and every spell and talent we have. I’ll make mistakes, I’ll write things about assumptions I’ve made that are flat out wrong. I hope you correct me.

At the end I just hope to understand more of the fundamentals of the class, and what makes certain abilities tick. Maybe by the end I won’t need to rely so much on the community to show me the path to optimal, but I can do it myself.

What could possibly go wrong?