Since everyone is putting up their thoughts on the Tier 12 previews, and today’s post was kind of short, I figured I’d give you my thoughts. It will be like ripping off a Band-Aid, short, quick, and still painful enough to make you cry. Just how Warlocks like it.

First for those who haven’t read them, here is what we have so far

  • 2 Piece Bonus: Your periodic damage has a chance to summon a Fiery Imp to assist you in battle for 15 sec.
  • 4 Piece Bonus: Your Shadow Bolt and Incinerate spells have a 5% chance to increase all Shadow and Fire damage you deal by 20% for 8 sec

Regardless of anything I say in this post, and whatever the tier pieces turn out to be let me be clear about one thing: No matter what I will still do everything in my power to get a complete set of T12 gear, because let’s face it, gear sets in general rock.

That being said, I hate these set bonuses. When the little blue teaser about using the raid’s trash as inspiration for the bonuses came out, I was giddy with excitement. Then these came out and the party was all over.

My first complaint, the 4 piece set bonus is less interesting than the 2 piece set bonus. Completing, or nearly completing I suppose should be rewarded by a much cooler set bonus. By cooler I mean just cooler. Not only more powerful, stronger, or numerically a positive. I want it to make people go “Ooooo”.

Swap the two set bonuses around and I’m still not happy. And it’s because of a little spell in our spell book. You destruction warlocks out there might be familiar with it as Bane of Doom. Take a loot at that spell’s explanation text, or more specifically this part of it:

When Bane of Doom deals damage, it has a 20% chance to summon a Demon guardian.

Guess what the “Demon guardian” is that procs? An Ebon Imp.

In Tier 12 with my destruction spec I’ll no longer feel like a master summoner controlling demons to do my bidding. I will feel like I’m running an Imp day care center. Our tier 12 set is supposed to be modeled after those fire spiders right? So make the summoned demon look like the fire spiders. Maybe give their flame a purplish or greenish tint so they look more demon-y.

The general consensus seems to be that these are placeholders and they will change over time. That’s certainly happened before. Guess we’ll wait and see.