I started writing my first post for this project, and realized I really needed to do more of an introduction piece on what I want to accomplish and how I hope to approach it. First my goals are simple. I want to be able to understand the Warlock class better than I have in the past. I want to understand the advice I have been given and adopted rather than just take it at face value. I want to hopefully improve your understanding of your little Warlock, or maybe even of your chosen class other than Warlock too.

Nothing I’m doing here hasn’t been already done, by countless numbers of people. If you want to skip ahead, go to Elitist Jerks, and check out there amazingly well written threads for any spec you want. You can check out the Rawr code base, or find a spreadsheet for your class. All of the people who work on those projects have already blazed this trail, I’m just walking in their foot steps.

If you’re still here and interested in this let me further warn you, I’m going to also make mistakes. I am going to make those mistakes in this public forum because I want you to correct me. I want to encourage people to learn, understand, try, fail, and try harder.

Now for my approach. First I am going to get a grip on the baseline abilities, so I’m going to go through spell book by spell book and try to get an understanding of how each spell works. Largely this portion is going to focus on determining the spell power coefficients and keeping an eye out for any odd behavior worth note, or any questions I may have on the spell.

After I get through the abilities, I’m going to start pouring through our talent trees and analyzing the talents. I’m going to do my best to come up with an “optimal” spec without consulting any reputable sources.

I don’t know where I’m going from there, but I may take a look at how this all works with group synergy. I could really go anywhere, but that’s quite a bit of work for now, so let’s see how this goes so far and worry about the rest when we get there!

If you have any questions you want me to look into, please ask them here. I encourage newbie questions, and questions of ignorance here so please feel free. Any advice for someone attempting this? Please leave a comment as well.

Thanks and Happy Drain Soul-ing!