Today’s post is going to be about getting to know our Affliction Spell Book. I’m not going to cover the spells: Curse of Tongues, Curse of Weakness, Fear, Howl of Terror, or Life Tap, because really they’re just not that interesting right now. The tool tips are straightforward, and the only interesting thing about them is deciding where and when to use them. I might cover them later on, but we’ll see.

For this little experiment, I have a character on the PTR standing in front of the training dummies in the Exodar (for peace and quiet’s sake). I’m not doing any statistical analysis, or scientific research here, so my sample size is very very tiny. All I’m doing here is getting a feel for the spells and drawing inferences. If you want to verify any of my findings by increasing the sample size and doing a real experiment feel free, I’m just not doing that here. At least not right now.

I reduce my 85 lock down to just his tabard (thankfully no one comes to the Exodar anymore) and make sure that “Show Beginner Tooltips” isn’t checked in my options panel so I can see the actual numbers for damage in my spell book.

Bane of Agony
The spell book tool tip tells me that right now Bane of Agony will hit my target for 1728 Shadow Damage spread over 24 seconds. I cast it on the training dummy and these are the ticks I record:

79, 79, 79, 79, 143, 143, 143, 143, 207, 207, 207, 207

First thing to notice is the damage increases the more it ticks in tiers. Four ticks in one tier, four in the next, and four in the final. This leads me to a couple of questions for further research. One being, if I add one more tick through haste, what would that tick hit for? Second, when I refresh CoA before the last tick what does it do then?

Don’t get your hopes up I don’t have answers for you on that today, future post material surely.

Next I wonder why the discrepancy in the damage. The tool tip said 1728 and I hit for 1726. Not a huge deal but a little strange. I don’t know if I’ll ever get a real answer here, but this is what I think is going on. Each of those ticks can vary plus or minus one based on my spell power and the tool tip is just trying to make an educated guess.

After this I equip a Darklight Torch I had in my bags and check my intellect. I was a little thrown off by the fact that my intellect went up more than it should have, but that was thanks to Nethermancy. Once I got that sorted out, Bane of Agony showed 1800 Shadow damage over 23.98 seconds. I cast Bane of Agony on the training dummy and here were my ticks

86, 86, 86, 86, 150, 150, 150, 150, 214, 214, 213, 213

This comes out to 1797, again a little less than my tool tip said, but close enough for me to chalk it up to rounding and averages. Now at 171 spell power I did 1716 damage, and at 247 I did 1797 damage. Difference in damage being 81. My spell power went up by 76.

Now we have enough information to calculate a spell power coefficient for this spell. All spells have a baseline damage, or the damage they would do if you had 0 spell power. They also do additional damage based on your spell power. The amount the spell actually does is computed by multiplying your spell power by the coefficient and adding that number to the base damage of the spell. We can calculate it for Bane of Agony by taking the difference in the damage (81) and dividing it by the difference in the spell power (76) and coming up with 107% roughly. I did this also for the tool tip number, not knowing which would be more accurate and came up with a coefficient of 95%. So we have a pretty wild swing here. I’m going to guess that the spell power coefficient is closer to the 95% mark. To find out for sure I’m going to need to get a larger data set (more DoT casting) and probably equip more intellect gear to get a higher disparity.

Bane of Doom
Initial spell power is 171, and the tool tip has me doing 2099 damage every 15 seconds for 60 seconds. After casting I do 2098 damage with each tick, for a total for ticks (60/15 = 4).
Equip my wand, boosting my spell power to 247 and now the tool tip has me at 2166 damage per tick. My actual ticks are four 2166 ticks so they match up perfectly. This leaves me with a tool tip damage difference of 67 per tick, and actual damage difference of 71 tick, and a spell power difference of 76. Based on the wording of the tool tip, I’m wondering if the math for this spell is done by the tick? I suppose with DoT ticks instantly being affected by our stats there wouldn’t be a good way to test this. Regardless, the entire duration tool tip damage difference is 268 and the entire damage duration actual difference came out to 272. All this translates to a spell power coefficient of:

  • Tool tip per tick: 88.16%
  • Actual per tick: 93.42%
  • Tool tip total: 353%
  • Actual total: 358%

Again, through the wording of things, I’m going to bet it’s closer to the per tick tool tip coefficient of 88.16%

This spell used to be a lot more interesting, now it’s just a simple straightforward, hard hitting workhorse of a DoT, and I love it.
Original spell power of 171 shows me 1068 over 18 seconds of damage. I get 6 ticks (one every 3 seconds) at 177 each totaling 1062 damage. With my wand equipped I get 247 spell power and 1146 spell power over 17.98 seconds. My ticks vary between 190 and 191 for a total of 1142 damage.

  • Tool tip damage difference: 78.
  • Actual damage difference: 80.
  • Spell power difference: 76.
  • Tool tip coefficient: 102.63%
  • Actual damage coefficient: 105.26%.

I’m going to end this here for now, because this post is already a lot longer than I thought it would be. I’ll continue to break down the affliction spell book next time with Death Coil, Drain Soul, Seed of Corruption, Drain Life, and Curse of Elements.