We’re going to get right into today and wrap up the rest of the straightforward spells in the Affliction spell book so we can spend a little time discussing Curse of Elements and how it interacts with your spells. If you haven’t read the last post, I suggest you do, or some of this might not make sense to you.

Death Coil
We’re still starting off with a baseline spell power of 171, and the tool tip for this particular spell shows 787 damage with 300% of the damage being returned immediately as a heal. It hit for 786 and healed for 2358. I brought out my torch and bumped my spell power up to 247 and Death Coil hit for 800 (tool tip shows 801) and healed for 2400. My tool tip damage difference was 14 and my actual damage difference was also 14 giving me a coefficient of 18.42 percent. It’s important to note that because the heal is based off the damage, the heal effectively also scales with spell power. You could consider the heal’s spell power coefficient to be 3 times that of the damage done. This can be verified because 300% of 18.42 is 55.26% and the difference in heals divided by the difference in spell power is 55.26%. I didn’t test what the heal did in the result of an overkill. Perhaps I could do that later on.

Drain Soul
Initial spell power of 171 gave a tool tip of 701 over 15 seconds. My ticks actually came out above this at 708. With the wand (and 247 spell power) I showed 855 on the tool tip and my ticks recorded at 852. Tool tip damage difference is 154 and actual damage difference is 144. My tool tip coefficient is 202.63% and the actual damage coefficient is 189.47%. I wasn’t able to test the “double damage at or below 25%” portion of the spell, but it would be interesting to see. If I can work out a way to test it I will let you know.

Seed of Corruption
I was really looking forward to this one and it did not disappoint. As an aside, I still feel like this spell is broken and should be rethought. It doesn’t fit into the Cataclysm model, it belong in a Lich King world where sustained AoE actually happened. In today’s world, when we AoE, we need it to die in 2 GCD about, and SoC just doesn’t work that way. Anyway, here’s the numbers. Original spell power of 171 and tool tip showing me 2058 with a 776 explosion. It hit for 2053 and exploded for anywhere between 755 and 809 damage for an average of 782. Upped my spell power to 247 with my wand and it shows 2196 in the tool tip. It hit for 2190 and exploded for between 755 and 822 or an average of 789. This gives me the following:

  • Tool Tip DoT coefficient: 181.58%
  • Tool Tip explosion coefficient: 17.11%
  • Actual Damage DoT coefficient: 180.26%
  • Actual explosion coefficient: 9.21%

One other interesting piece to note here is that the main target is hit with the explosion as well. The way the tool tip is worded, there’s wiggle room to make the argument that it only hits nearby targets and not the main target, but the combat log shows it hitting the main target so that’s nice. Also to note, the explosion can crit. That crit chance is calculated on a per target basis so each target hit with the explosion could be crit on independently of the rest of the explosion targets.

Drain Life
Shows me 140 damage every second for 3 seconds with my baseline of 171 spell power. My ticks were: 140, 139, 140 totaling 419. With my wand and spell power at 247 my tool tip showed 153 every second, and the actual ticks were 152, 153, 153 for a total of 458.

  • Tool Tip per tick difference: 13
  • Tool Tip total difference: 39
  • Actual per tick difference: 13
  • Actual total difference: 39

This gives me the following coefficients:

  • Tool Tip per tick: 17.11%
  • Tool tip total difference: 51.32%
  • Actual per tick difference: 17.11%
  • Actual total difference: 51.32%

The tool tip on this spell says that Drain Life returns 2% of the casters total health back with each tick. So this spell’s heal does not scale with your spell power the way Death Coil does, it instead scales with your stamina. Thanks to the Cataclysm model where stamina is normalized across gear, I expect stamina and intellect to scale closely, so realistically you can almost expect it to scale together, but just pointing out that’s not quite how the math works.

Curse of Elements
Now I’ll try to keep this short because I’ve already kept you pretty long. Curse of Elements is an interesting debuff in our arsenal that directly reflects how hard our spells hit for. Here’s a breakdown of how hard the spells hit for with CoE applied:

  • Bane of Agony: hit for 1852 (tool tip showed 1728) or 107.18% buff
  • Bane of Doom: hit for 2266 each(tool tip showed 2099 each) or 107.96% buff
  • Corruption: hit for 1147 (tool tip showed 1068) or a 107.4% buff
  • Death Coil: hit for 849 (tool tip showed 787) or a 107.88% buff
  • Drain life: hit for 151 every tick (showed 140) or a 107.86% buff
  • Drain Soul: hit for 765 (tool tip showed 710) or a 107.75% buff
  • Seed of Corruption: hit for 2217 (tool tip showed 2058) or a 107.72% buff

You can see that in each of these cases, your spells hit for over 7% more damage with that buff applied. This would seemingly coincide with the tool tip stating it increases magic damage taken by 8%. Curious as to how this debuff was calculated in I ran the same tests for the spells with my 247 spell power.

  • Bane of Agony: hit for 1944 (tool tip showed 1800) or 108% buff
  • Bane of Doom: hit for 2339 each(tool tip showed 2166 each) or 107.99% buff
  • Corruption: hit for 1236 (tool tip showed 1146) or a 107.86% buff
  • Death Coil: hit for 864 (tool tip showed 801) or a 107.87% buff
  • Drain life: hit for 165 every tick (showed 153) or a 107.84% buff
  • Drain Soul: hit for 920 (tool tip showed 855) or a 107.60% buff
  • Seed of Corruption: hit for 2364 (tool tip showed 2196) or a 107.66% buff

After this I’m fairly confident that this is calculated after the spell power coefficient and baseline damage portion has been calculated. That means it’s a straight 8% buff for all your damage.