I’m back from Arizona. For those of you who don’t know, I live in Massachusetts. I couldn’t understand why the pilot kept insisting we were about to land in Boston when clearly we hadn’t broken through the clouds yet. Then when we landed I realized it was just the cloudy, gray, and cold here. For perspective it was about 75 degrees in Arizona when I flew out……at 11:30 at night.

Alright I’m done complaining about how I’m back at my mindless job and wishing I was back in the sun. Seriously though, it was like 90+ degrees and gorgeous. Fine, now I’m done.

Project FailDrood
I am going to be a tank whether my guild mates like it or not! I’m currently looking around the interwebs for any and all Macros that could help me out. I’ve decided I absolutely need a mouse-over taunt macro as target switching and taunting is taking way too long. It’s amazing how target switching on my DPS toon is easy but it’s not so easy for me as a tank. Thinking about it makes sense (moving targets are moving) but it’s never been something I’ve had to deal with. As is normal for me, once I have a hammer (in this case a macro) I start looking around for nails. So I’m wondering if there’s other areas where a macro might be useful.

I’m really awful at pulls, and establishing initial threat. I almost never have any issue with single target threat, but the moment there’s a pack of three and I have to pull them away from CC’ed targets, it get’s too complicated and I start flailing at my keyboard hoping that helps. So far it hasn’t. I did re-gem and reforge my gear (TY again to the Mr. Robot folks) and that should help considerably.

Guild Stuff
Guild is still struggling to find people to recruit in, and I’ve taken a newer approach to how I want to get people in. First I love the new looking for guild tool. Really does a great job for a lower population server like mine, and so far it’s attracted the right kind of person. So far none of those people have been raiders. Previously I would turn away people that weren’t at least close to raiding (i.e. already at level cap but maybe not ever heroics ready). It isn’t an elitist thing I just know that toons in their 30s want to run things at their level and get help on group quests and we’re a small 10 man raiding guild that wouldn’t be doing that stuff for them. Now I just tell them they’re joining a raiding group and if that’s cool with them then they can join. Let them figure out if this is the best place for them or not.

Our progression moves at fits and starts and as the guild leader I suppose that’s more my fault then anyone else’s. When we get 10 people together and walk into a raid instance we almost always do better than I had previously hoped we would. We took down Omnotron on our third pull on a night we weren’t even supposed to run and most had never seen the fight before. Getting people to sit in their seats has been a frustration though and not sure how to handle it.

What Warlock Blog?
Also there’s more Warlock-y stuff coming I promise. I haven’t given up on my SimulationCraft posts they’re just taking more time to come together than I thought they would. I also haven’t given up on my PTR Theorycrafting posts either and hope to get a good chunk of that done this week. Demonology spell book is up next with a lot of interesting spells to break down. Gameplan is set I just need to execute. I know where I’m going to go with this and I think where I’m going to end up.

Well that’s what’s going on with me, what about with you?