Since I resubscribed, I’ve been wondering what I should do for fun. I did finally get my gear somewhat straightened out. I really need to highly recommend WoW Reforge. It’s a simply great tool, and really makes the process a lot easier. One thing this has allowed me to experiment with is avoiding wasted haste. I am still experimenting with this, and I expect to write a post about it later, but I am trying to reforge away from Haste that doesn’t grant me an extra tick on anything useful and getting that into a more useful stat.

I wanted to get some gear quickly, so I could get into the new heroic dungeons. I found the guide from Greedy Goblin helpful in this regard. I did end up buying the bracers as he recommended, and partaking in some PvP to upgrade one ring. This was enough to get me into the new heroics and I found a helpful group of friends, so I went. That gave me enough to replace my last green (a iLvl 318 wand) with a much nicer one and bring my average iLvl up to 359. Not quite raid ready, but I’m getting there.

I found I could hold my own with the DPS, at least on bosses. Affliction DPS is always tricky in trash, and I am really out of practice. From AoE ineptitude to multi-dotting aggravation, there’s a lot of room for improvement there.

I definitely want to write Warlock specific hints and tips for the new dungeons once I get some more experience in them, but I’m not sure I’m going to have time to get to this.

The other thing I’m finding is that gearing up is expensive! I’m attempting to avoid the AH as much as I possibly can now. I think I’m going to run more battlegrounds for honor so I can keep a steady stream of enchanting mats coming my way. That’s the biggest gold suck. Especially since I need to convert some of my gear from mid-tier enchants to the better ones.