I have seen numerous times where other bloggers had commented that they cleaned up their feed reader. Mostly these are followed by lamentations of the good blogs who’ve walked away from it and how we miss them. I’m completely new to this scene, and really don’t want to clean up my blog roll, but I suppose for all there comes a time when they have to do it eventually.

What I didn’t want to do was to leave these blogs just by the way-side. Gone from my blog as if they didn’t exist and weren’t influential to me. So I’m making them a page. This page to be specific. This page is a place for all the blogs that are still in my feed reader but who are no longer updating. As I remove sites from my active blog roll I’ll add them in here for posterity.

If any of the bloggers who wrote these blogs read this page, please know I’m adding you here because you’ve all inspired me some way or another, and I wanted to give you credit. I’m still subscribing to your blog and if you ever pick it back up again, here’s one warlock who will be there to read through every word.