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Warlocks Have Ruined Me

I have to get something off my chest. See in all the time I’ve played this game I really have only played a warlock. I have an 85 Druid (I’m exceptionally bad with) and the obligatory fail DK but that was really it.

I started the Druid at a time when my guild was stagnating and it came in clutch midway through ICC at times and I did really enjoy it even if I never could get the hang of tanking with it.

My DK is awful. I’ve tanked once instance with him. I feel like a six year old in a forklift. It feels so powerful but I just randomly mash buttons without much success and all the adults laugh at me.

I’m currently playing on a trial account. In this trial account I’ve started a paladin, a hunter, and another warlock. On all of these I’ve not had as much luck as I did with my warlock.

Part of it is a ranged thing. I hated the lack of an ability to pull a target at range for lowbie paladins. I wasn’t used to melee so I constantly put myself in a bad position and pull more than one or two.

Another part of it is a coming home feeling I’m sure. Just casting Shadow Bolt is enough for me to get all giddy. I don’t care to learn the mechanics of a hunter. It just seems like it isn’t worth the effort.

So until I restart my subscription I think I’m going to play my warlock until he’s twenty. Then who knows?!

As a damage dealer, our main concern is making sure we output enough damage. Most people (myself included) copy spell priorities down from reputable sources, and just use those. Same thing goes for specs. A long time ago in wow these priorities used to be termed “rotations” and the term is still largely used today even though the collective feeling is that “priority” is a closer estimation to what the list actually is. What is it prioritizing? Well damage of course, and let’s talk about how.
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We’re going to get right into today and wrap up the rest of the straightforward spells in the Affliction spell book so we can spend a little time discussing Curse of Elements and how it interacts with your spells. If you haven’t read the last post, I suggest you do, or some of this might not make sense to you.
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Today’s post is going to be about getting to know our Affliction Spell Book. I’m not going to cover the spells: Curse of Tongues, Curse of Weakness, Fear, Howl of Terror, or Life Tap, because really they’re just not that interesting right now. The tool tips are straightforward, and the only interesting thing about them is deciding where and when to use them. I might cover them later on, but we’ll see.

For this little experiment, I have a character on the PTR standing in front of the training dummies in the Exodar (for peace and quiet’s sake). I’m not doing any statistical analysis, or scientific research here, so my sample size is very very tiny. All I’m doing here is getting a feel for the spells and drawing inferences. If you want to verify any of my findings by increasing the sample size and doing a real experiment feel free, I’m just not doing that here. At least not right now.

I reduce my 85 lock down to just his tabard (thankfully no one comes to the Exodar anymore) and make sure that “Show Beginner Tooltips” isn’t checked in my options panel so I can see the actual numbers for damage in my spell book.
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I started writing my first post for this project, and realized I really needed to do more of an introduction piece on what I want to accomplish and how I hope to approach it. First my goals are simple. I want to be able to understand the Warlock class better than I have in the past. I want to understand the advice I have been given and adopted rather than just take it at face value. I want to hopefully improve your understanding of your little Warlock, or maybe even of your chosen class other than Warlock too.
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So it’s Monday, I don’t know what to write about, and none of my drafts are quite ready for the prime time. I’ll be lazy and do a “what are you up to” post this monday, and who knows, maybe make it a common Monday theme?
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Tier 12

Since everyone is putting up their thoughts on the Tier 12 previews, and today’s post was kind of short, I figured I’d give you my thoughts. It will be like ripping off a Band-Aid, short, quick, and still painful enough to make you cry. Just how Warlocks like it.
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In the last post we got your character into the tool and ran a quick simulation and briefly looked at the output.

Now I’m going to take you down the path I first went down with SimulationCraft, and that is gear evaluations. Tier upgrades are pretty straightforward, but if you ever want to evaluate side-grades, I always found SimulationCraft to be an informed and unbiased third party. I especially liked it for trinkets, since the numbers on those are much tougher, at least on the interesting ones.
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First thing you need is to download it.

Go here: and download the Windows or Mac version.  Once you have it downloaded unzip the file and congratulations you just installed SimulationCraft.

Let’s take a look inside.  The majority of these files aren’t important to you, especially at this point in the process.  I have the windows version, so Mac users this might be a little different for you.
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Patch 4.1 Warlock Gear (PvE)

Might as well add my list of Warlock Gear found in Patch 4.1

There are items that are listed as new in 4.1 that I can’t track down a drop location for. If you know where you can get these items, leave a comment!

  • Trinket – Mark of the Firelord
  • Trinket – Necromantic Focus
  • Trinket – Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor

The Robes of Dissention are listed as being a reward from a daily quest named Warlock of the Amani, but the only information I found on that is that it was a daily from the raid version of Zul’Aman, and if you had the quest from the raid still in your log and completed it in the heroic, you could pick this as a quest reward. (*See updates below)

The wrist and dagger might be trash drops, but I’m not sure. (*See updates below)

The trinkets all have normal and heroic version and their respective iLevels are 372 and 391 making me think they are for patch 4.2 and they’re just in this patch for some who knows reason.

Update: Thanks to the commenters below for verifying the source of the robes of dissention.

Update: Wowhead updated the drop location for the Voodoo Hexblade so I moved it up into the “known” items.

Update: Wristwraps of Madness were updated in wowhead as well so I updated them here.