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Saga over at Spellbound offered up her own version of a 20 day challenge, just after finishing one herself.  Being a new blogger, who is going to pass up 20 free topics?  This is my first day of this challenge, so for that we’ll start with an introduction.

My main in Thisius and I play Alliance side on the roleplaying server Sisters of Elune-US.  Despite it being a roleplaying server, I don’t actually roleplay.  I use to want to, but then I got bit by the raiding bug, and didn’t want to leave my home server behind.

I am currently leading the guild Hells Vanguard on that server.  We’re a young little startup of a guild that was formed just when ICC was released.  We ended up clearing almost all of WotLK content (including killing Arthas) despite the short timeframe and lack of experience at the beginning.

We’ve suffered from a slow start in Cataclysm, but I’m confident in our ability to progress significantly in this expansion.  (Go Team!).  Ok enough cheerleading for my (wonderful) guild.

As I said before, I’m a raiding nut.  I typically avoid PvP, mostly because it requires a skillset I’ve not developed at all.

I’m a wanna-be theorycrafter and love the numbers portion of the game.  My hope is to bring some of that into this blog, and keep it at an introductory level so people can learn (as I learn) how to do it themselves.

In real life, I have a full time job as a software developer.  I have a family with 2 very adorable children who, as toddlers, keep me very, very busy.

I look forward to sharing more with you, and I hope you subscribe and come along with me for the ride.

About Me

I play Thisius – an Affliction Warlock on Sisters of Elune-US.  I am the Guild Leader of Hells Vanguard, a casually hardcore raiding guild.

Just coming back from a brief break from the game, I’m just starting to ramp up into raiding content for Cataclysm.  My goal here is going to be doing some breakdown for raiding Warlocks.  I love theorycraft, but I’ll try to make this as simplistic as possible.