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It’s About Economics

So I’m going to be that guy who posts about the Blizzard Premium services. Mostly because I forgot to upload my screenshots over the past few days so my UI post is out the window.

For the record I don’t like the addition of these services as premium features. I do however think people get it all wrong about this stuff when they complain about it. This decision by Blizzard has nothing to do with gameplay experience and everything to do with economics, and that’s where I think they have it wrong the most.
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Do Accomplishments Matter?

Whenever Blizzard decides to change something or bring back something there is always a discussion in the community about what  this does to the people who have previously achieved an accomplishment.

Nerfing of bosses is the most common example.  The latest example would have to be the Amani mount coming back in 4.1.  Each time this happens I have to shake my head a little when I read all the posts.  Of course I’m also a much newer player who doesn’t have a lot of old school achievements, so you could say I don’t understand.  Still I wanted to offer my opinion.

First off, Blizzard generally puts in some sort of distinguishing mark for people who have completed a task.  Be it dating achievements so you know who downed a boss the first week it was out, and who downed a boss the second month after a nerf.  Theres Feats of Strength that you can link anytime someone wants to question your true worth.

With the exception of current boss nerfs, I also have to question how much they matter.  Generally speaking, when I’m recruiting people to join my raiding team, I don’t much care if they cleared ZG.  I don’t even care if they cleared ICC.  These old achievements should really be personal joys.  There are things I have in game that I’m proud of, not because they earn me any street cred with the WoW crowd, but just because I put a lot of time and effort into them, and they’ll always mean a lot to me.

For me, if other people thing my achievement cheap because it’s been nerfed or brought back in an easier to achieve fashion, I couldn’t care less.  I know the truth and so do those I call friends.

So when we complain that a change makes our achievement worthless, I just have to ask, to whom is it devaluing and does that person or crowd matter in the end?