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LFD Call To Arms: My Solution

First I swear this is going to be my last post on this issue.  At least for today.  Since everyone was giving there take on what we think should be done to improve/instead of the call to arms solution I figure I would expand on mine in an actual post.

On a sidenote, I thought this post on the solution was awesome http://foreveranoob.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/call-to-arms-my-take/

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I really didn’t want to harp back on this, but the clarifications provided today by blizzard on the new Call to Arms actually made me less happy about it.  Yesterday I didn’t think it would do much, but I was overall ambivalent towards the change. Today I have to wonder what they were thinking.

Let’s recap first.  Here’s the original posting by Blizzard and the clarification.  There has been a huge discussion on this in the community, and too many good posts to link all here, but the tone I’m getting ranges from “eh, don’t think it’s gonna work” to “no..no…NO!”.  I’m starting to slide to the right on that scale.

I remember a blue post a while back, it might have even been a GC post regarding, I believe, the possibility for a paid class change service similar to the faction and race change services.  If someone can find it please link it in the comments.  The general idea of the post however was that, beyond technical difficulties of implementing it, the real issue is that you learn to play your class during the leveling process.  You could end up at 85 with a whole bunch of abilities that you have no idea how to handle, and they wanted to avoid that.

This is also the precise reason behind Soulbound gear.  In the last Q&A session someone brought up the fact that a player can role on gear that they can use even if it isn’t for the current spec, so if it is a need role it should be soulbound whether or not it’s BoP or BoE.  Blizzard agreed with that overall sentiment.

Gearing up your alts and getting opportunities for your alts or offspec by running as a tank or healer flies in the face of these goals.  In my opinion the gear should be specifically for the role you answered the Call to Arms with.  If you get a flask it should be for that spec and BoP.

I’ve taken a silent issue  with all the posts clamoring about the unqualified people who are going to tank.  In my opinion everyone has to learn, so someone who isn’t the perfect tank but it learning isn’t the problem.  It’s the people who queue as a tank with no desire to be a tank.  Qualifications aside.  By making all these rewards applicable to alts and offspec you are encouraging those type of people.

So here’s my issue in the TL;DR version.  If you’re going to provide incentives, you should do it for the right type of player, and the player you are trying to get right now is the player who is competent, able, and interested but afraid.  Not the player who has a DK with a PvP spec he think he can tank in for a new mount.