Questing is my preferred means of leveling up in an expansion.  I like the whole self-reliance piece of it.  I’ve become more accustomed to running randoms while I level, but in BC and even in Wrath I pretty much quested to cap and never ran an instance.

Surprisingly enough, I don’t find questing in and of itself engaging at all.  At least I didn’t.  I’ve heard before how Blizzard was impressed with how they took questing and quest lines to a new level in WotLK, and to a certain extent they’re right.  I still had a problem immersing myself in the quests throughout that expansion.  I read all the quest text, did every single quest I could find and just still couldn’t feel the storytelling as completely as I wanted to.

In Cataclysm they changed all that.  I quested in each zone, and feel like I could tell you each zone’s story.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the increase in cinematics (didn’t Uldum feel like one giant movie to some people, and no I don’t mean that in a good way) or just because they quests seem to have more important tasks now as opposed to collect 12 boar hides, but I’m certain that it has drastically improved.

Today there’s a post in the forums complaining about questing saying it’s too linear  The perspective of this post is from a different place than mine, and as such it raises some good points.

I do however think it might be worthwhile to remember the starting zone quests from the game years ago, and how questing in some zones didn’t feel cohesive at all, and tip our hats to blizzard.  Telling a story through quests is quite a unique medium, and they’ve consistently gotten better at it.  Even to the point where I am impressed.