If there’s one failing of elitist jerks, it’s that it’s written for people better than me.  I am not that hardcore of a raider, so the chance of me farming every hardmode to get all of the gear I can get is relatively tiny.  All of the posts take BiS gear as a default.  Since this isn’t the case for me, I am always wondering if I’m making the best choices for gear at any given moment.

Trinkets are some of the worst possible gear choices to make.  The procs are not necessarily straightforward to compare.  To make it even worse, having a really nice trinket can be a really significant dps boost!  Going to elitist jerks isn’t really a help because they’re comparing the top 10 trinkets in the game, I’m wondering which trinket do I equip now to help me get to those trinkets?

SimulationCraft saved me here, but not in the way I usually run it.  I typically run SimulationCraft for my toon, and take the stat weights and head over to lootrank.com.  There I enter the numbers in, put my info in, and it magically compares the gear based on the weights.  That’s ridiculously simple. Lootrank doesn’t accurately compute trinket procs though, so the numbers they have on trinkets (and really most proc based things) is totally untrusted.

This is where some advanced SimulationCraft comes into play.  I took a list of all the trinkets introduced in Cataclysm that I could achieve before getting to heroics.  I constructed a SimulationCraft runtime configuration file that equipped each one of the trinkets on my toon, ensuring the other trinket slot was empty.  Now I have a list of the perceived dps value of each trinket prior to heroics, and am able to compare trinkets that way.

All in all, it was a really interesting endeavor and one that I will be pursuing.  I’m going to be doing the same thing for heroic trinkets, raid trinkets, etc.  Who knows where this will go?