I use the “alt” key a ton for shortcuts. It’s the main modifier key for all my oPie circles as well as all the buttons on my second action bar.
This presents two problems

  • If I hold down alt as I’m getting ready to cast something, then need to switch targets, I hit tab, and that pulls me out of the game (alt+tab shortcut for those not keeping up)
  • It’s right next to the blasted windows key that comes on every keyboard now.

Compound this by the fact that I play on a pretty sub-par machine. So I’ve reduced the resolution down to a bare minimum, and when I minimize the game my screen needs to redraw fully at the new resolution. Plus I have less memory than I should so the context switch means I’m pulling stuff out of the page file and putting stuff in which takes forever!

After this happened to me three times last night (twice in the same battleground) I decided to find a solution.

I’m going to be trying out this tonight. It’s calledSharpKeys

If you use it or have tried it how did you like it?